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Ever wondered how much you would save by installing a Thermodynamic Solar Panel System?

 Want lots of the hot water all year round, 24 hrs a day, without thinking about it or worrying about the expense?

Wonder and worry no more, below is a comparison of the running cost of a Thermodynamic Solar Panel System compared with using oil, gas and electric shower to heat your water.

Comparisons are made of the running costs to generate hot water for a family of four people consuming 200 liters of hot water per day.


Power Consumption

Power Output

Cost Per Hr €

 Average Daily Hrs

Average Daily Cost

Average Annual Cost

TBE 250

 500 watts

2000 watts





Running cost using TBE 250 model

Running cost using using oil, gas and electric shower

Hours Daily

Cost Daily

Cost Total

Oil/Gas Boiler



€360.00 (8 months)

3kw Immersion



€244.80 (4 months)

3kw Immersion



€588.45 (12 months)

Total Cost

€1,163.25 Annual

Note: oil/gas boiler consumption can vary depending on size of boiler and efficiency level, so we take an average of both based on SEAI fuel consumption chart. Based on average current electricity price of €0.17/kwh.



Total (annual)

Oil/Gas/Shower Running Cost


Thermodynamic  Solar Running Cost


Savings per annum


Typical cost of Thermodynamic Solar System


Payback time for your new Thermodynamic Solar Panel System is 4-5 yrs. After this time, you not only will be saving €946.25 per annum, but you will also have hot water 365 days of the year, 24 hrs a day for a fraction of the price.

Case Studies of solar panel running costs


390 watt motor / 1000 = 0.39 kwh

€0.14 = unit of electricity

0.39 kwh x €0.14 = €0.056 + 13.5% vat = € 0.0619 per hour

€0.0619 x 8 hours = € 0.49 per day

€0.49 x 365 = € 180.74 per year

The following are 2 case studies of actual monitored system where you can actually see the true Solar Panel running costs of the system . When you enter the owl intuition site you will see a dashboard which will display the current watts being used by the system , and the daily running cost of the system. You can also see this displayed in a graph form when you click on this at bottom of the screen . This will display the energy used in a daily, weekly , monthly graph form, and also the running costs will be displayed in a daily , weekly , monthly graph form.

Solar Panel Running Costs:

Case Study One:


John Thompson’s case study is Thermodynamic Solar Panel system with 9 panels , which is heating is whole house of 189 m2 and his 280 litre hot water cylinder.

To view John’s case study please visit www.owlintuition.com and enter username and password below.

Username: ohughes

Password: energypanel


Ray Greene’s case study is Thermodynamic Solar Panel system with 1 panel heating his 280 litre hot water cylinder , this is providing a family of 5 people.

Solar panel running costs

Single Panel


To view Ray’s case study please visit www.owlintuition.com and enter username and password below.

Username: raygreene

Password: kilcoole


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