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How Thermodynamic Solar Panels works, basically it’s a process of heating water by using refrigeration gas that flows through solar panels collecting heat from the ambient air temperature, rain, sunshine and wind!”

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The Process

These are the four different elements connected together in the process by means of dehydrated copper pipes

The refrigeration fluid leaves the thermodynamic block via the expansion valve in a liquid state about-25 oC . this liquid circulates to the panels

outside. This cool liquid collects the heat outside and evaporates back to the compressor in the thermodynamic block.

The compressor then squeezes the gas to a high pressure and forces through the compressor at 110 oC where it meets the water in the

condenser and heats the water to 50 oC. As cool gas exits the exchanger it flows back through the expansion valve in a liquid state and the

process is repeated.


Basically the system looks like your typical solar thermal system only the Thermodynamic system works in a totally different principal. The panel on the roof is connected to the hot water cylinder in the hot press.

This panel captures the heat from the surrounding air day an night, from the wind, rain or sunshine. This heat is transferred to the refridgeration gas which is inside the pipes in the panel. It then flows to the heat exchanger which is fitted on the hot water cyclinder.

This heat exchanger has a mini compressor which heats the refridgeration gas to 110 degrees Celsius then it flows through the heat exchanger into the hot water tank and heats the domestic hot water to 55 degrees Celsius.

The mini compressor has a motor which uses 390 watts of power to run it


Thermodynamic Solar Advantages

Thermodynamic Solar Panels are an excellent solution for hotels, bed and breakfasts, leisure centers, sports clubs, restaurants, farms & delicatessens. There are so many Thermodynamic solar advantages.

Below are just a few:


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