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 Renewable Energy Services

Solar Panels in Ireland is the new innovative technology that is taking over the solar market! Works in all weather conditions, it does not need sunshine, 55 degrees hot water 365 days a year!

Solar Panel

Solar Panels are innovate new technology helping you to save money. They absorb energy from the environment; sun, wind and rain, making them ideal for use in the Irish climate as they do not rely on just the sun. Heat is drawn from the environment by the solar panels, then the thermodynamic cycle condenser transfers this heat to the water to heat it. Solar panels can provide 55 degrees hot water 365 days a year, 24 hrs a day. There are lots of advantages to installing a thermodynamic solar system, running costs and payback time highlight money that you could be saving.

Photovoltaic Solar System

Photovoltaic (PV) Systems produce electricity directly from solar radiation. PV panels are a clean, reliable source of energy. Solar PV uses the sun’s energy to generate clean green electricity that can be used directly in place of conventionally generated power in your home or business. It is one of the easiest and most beneficial renewable energy technologies to add to any building, whether commercial or domestic. PVs are an advanced technology that will help us design buildings that are environmentally responsible and responsive.

Thermodynamic Solar RETROFIT HOT WATER

Thermodynamic Green E Pack! The little box with the big savings, No need to change existing cylinder and look forward to hot water every day. Works 365 days a year, 50 degrees hot water for as little as €0.50 a day very compact unit. Retrofits to existing copper cylinder sizes, 100 litre - 200 litre. Can be fitted in 1 day.


Use the sun, wind, rain, air to heat your swimming pool all year round. Thermodynamic solar this is an ideal solution as such a low temperature is needed for pools. significantly reduces carbon emissions, very little maintenance, huge savings compared to oil or gas heating


Annahaia, Ballybay,

Co. Monaghan, Ireland

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Universal Energies is an electrical and renewable energy focused company. We are an Irish, family run business which was established in 2011 based at Annahaia, Ballybay, Co.Monaghan.


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