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Type 1:

The refrigerant R134a circulates through the panel where energy is absorbed from the ambient air temperature transforming the cool liquid gas to a vapour and is carried back to the Green E pack where the gas is compressed to high pressure and high temperature .

this high temperature gas vapour then exists the Green E pack and flows through the condenser/heat exchanger which heats the water in the cylinder to 55 degrees C .

The Condenser/heat exchanger is very easily fitted to the cylinder simply by removing the existing immersion heater and replacing with the new heat exchanger into the cylinder . So no water pump is needed in this system unlike type 1.

Type 2:

Innovative system  for domestic water heating.

Suitable system to provide domestic hot water for local building and housing with existing hot water cylinder already installed.

In this example the Green e-Pack is connected to the solar coil in the bottom of the cylinder, provides 55 degrees hot water all year round.

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