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FAQ Thermodynamic Solar

        Yes the Thermodynamic Solar system will work in any weather conditions even down to -5 degrees outside

        Thermodynamic solar is a principal of using refrigeriant gas to extract heat from the atmosphere and convert it via a heat exchange process to the water used for bathing , washing, etc

Is this system guaranteed?

The panel and cylinder carry a 5 year guarantee and the thermodynamic block carry a 2 year guarantee , we also offer a 2 year guarantee on labour

            No backup needed with this system

            Yes it has an electric element which can boost the water to 60 degrees C which prevents legionella if needed

            No if you have a good quality insulated cylinder we can retrofit into this cylinder

            No the panels can be fitted at any orientation but preferably south facing is best

            No just a normal socket will do

            Solar tubes and solar panels only work with sunshine to produce hot water to 55 degrees , this system will produce 55 degrees hot             water in any weather conditions

            No this system using a refrigeriant gas in the pipes which will never freeze or over heat

            By combining the solar gain outside and the mini heat pump compressor raising the temperature of the refrigeriant to 110 degrees C , this insures the water in the cylinder will always be heated to 55 degrees C


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